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Fundraising Campaign

We did it.

Actually, to be more precise, YOU did it.

We just sharpened our pencils and did the math.

Here’s how it happened on the last day of our capital campaign drive: On the afternoon of March 30, 2017, a message went out sharing the news that we were just $8,500 from making our capital goal of $11 million. A flurry of phone calls, texts and kind givers saw how close we were. And then …

… the first text came in. "I'll do $1,000."

Then another one. "Put our family down for $2,000."

"We'll do $2,500," came another.

Moments later, "I'll cover $1,000."

Then, "We're in for "$1,000."

And finally ... show us at $1,000."

Fifteen minutes after the announcement had been emailed that we were close ... it was done.

So, yes ... you did it.

And when you did, your generosity amounted to a collective donation that was covered sevenfold by four generous Midland foundations.