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Corporate Retreats & Meetings

The Hacienda

The Hacienda is perfect for corporate retreats. The Mission style mansion contains 5 bedrooms with individual bathrooms for complete privacy for overnight executive retreat and events.  The large conference room is equipped with a table and chairs to accommodate your group.  The 4k Smart TV in this room can be connected to your laptop for presentations and has a high speed internet connection.

While not in session, the large living room has comfortable seating for relaxing and conversation. A kitchen offers a snack bar, drinks, etc, and attaches to the living area. The elegant dining room accommodates the "breaking bread" ambiance for lively conversation. 


Please let our chef prepare gourmet meals during your stay at the Hacienda to enhance your experience.

Presentation Room

The presentation room is equipped with the best technology for your business needs.  The projector shines bright on the wall giving you a 15 ft. wide screen so that all the attendees can see. You can connect any of your devices to the projector wirelessly to make your presentations effortless. 

There are 6 ft presentation tables in this room that can seat 100 attendees.  You can also choose to use covered round tables in this room.  The Presentation Room may be combined with the Dining Room for total seating of up to 300.

Dining Room

The Dining Room doubles as an elegant eating area and/or meeting space.  The large fireplace creates a warm and inviting atmosphere..  The access to the outdoor veranda extends the area of this room, giving people a place to mingle.  The Dining Room seats up to 150 at round tables.  Our Chef can create a delightful menu for your attendees to enjoy. The Presentation Room can be opened so that the number of guests can be increased up to 300.

Elegant Dining

Our internationally trained executive chef will prepare a menu that will satisfy your taste buds.  He is also experienced enough to meet any special dietary needs you may have.  Our cooking staff is trained to cook for a wide range of guests.


Our conference room in the Hacienda is equipped with a smart TV and a conference phone.  Our Presentation Room is equipped with a projector with a 15 ft wide screen.  Everything you need to run the systems will be available during your event.  We can also run an online registration for your event to track your guests.

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